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โ€” 2011

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AutoUnblock csf Overview

AutoUnblock csf is an addon module for WHMCS, cPanel/DirectAdmin and ConfigServer firewall (CSF) users. This addon eliminate the need to login to the server in order to unblock your client ip and fully automate the process. The times your hosting costumer has to ask you to unblock his ip will be over soon. It will improve your service level, your costumers will thank you for saving they time and most important is your valuable extra free time! Free yourself from repeated robotic actions that can be done by a robot. How it works

How it works

Every time a user is login to the WHMCS portal the system check if the current user ip is blocked from access to servers with active hosting accounts. If the ip blocked the user will a popup message that will return the block announce and the block reason. You can allow your client or to client groups only to search and remove blocked ip only from servers with they active hosting accounts.
Also a special template var is created in order to link to AutoUnblock csf search. Example provided in the Documentation page.

While adding this feature we had resellers in mind but you may use it in any way that fit your needs. Every action is loged and saved with the activity information. You can also create and manage log backups. if you set a valid email address in the module setting page and select the alert option, you will also recive an email alerts for AutoUnblock csf activities.

Important note: This plugin is design to work with WHMCS system and will not support 3rd party login & templating systems that override the WHMCS system functionality.

AutoUnblock csf Features List

AutoUnblock csf full features list

Easy installation: No action needed on your cPanel or DirectAdmin.
Simply upload the file to your WHMCS/modules/addons folder and extract the file.
Easy operation: User only need to login to the WHMCS portal to unblock they ip address, no further action is require.
Allow group search: Allow selected client groups (such as resellers) to search and remove blocked ip address.
Activity log & Log backup: Contain information about users unblock activity. You can also create backups of your log and manage it with a ease.
Admin Widget: Home page admin widget allows you to search and remove IP blocks and shows the last 5 log actions.
Prevent abuse: Set the number of seconds clients have to wait before they can use AutoUnblock csf again.
IP Actions Tool: Search: Search iptables for IP address
Search & Release: Remove IP address from the firewall (temp and perm blocks).
Quick Allow: Allow IP address through the firewall and add to the allow file (csf.allow).
Quick Deny: Allow IP address through the firewall and add to the allow file (csf.allow).
Quick Ignore: Ignore IP address in lfd, add to the ignore file (csf.ignore) and restart lfd.
CSF Manager: Check Connection: Check the communication with csf on your server
View iptables Log: View the last 100 iptables log lines.
CSF Configuration: Edit the settings of this server and save it to multiple servers at once.
Firewall Quick Restart: Restart the csf iptables firewall via lfd.
lfd Status: Display lfd status.
lfd Restart: Restart lfd.
Enable: Enables csf and lfd if previously Disabled.
Disable: Completely disables csf and lfd.
Flush all: Removes and unblocks all entries in csf.deny and all temporary IP entries.
Manage Servers: Exclude Servers: Exclude specific servers from AutoUnblock csf
Custom Servers: Custom provisioning modules support for cPanel and DirectAdmin servers.
Product Servers: Product server information will be taken from the client product.
3rd party module support: Support any 3rd party cPanel server provisioning module.
Admin email alert: Optional alert when AutoUnblock csf was in use.
Multi languages support: Language folder is include to modify and add your on translation file. The module fallback language is english.
Maximum code security: Connection to the hosting server are made internally using the same core as WHMCS, smarty template values do not contain any connection data.
Maximum code optimization: No blank pages if key is not valid, code is well tight and very clean.
Updates: Absolutely free!
Server requirements: PHP 5.4+ / WHMCS V5+ / CSF v5.41+
Supported control panels: cPanel/WHM/CloudLinux - DirectAdmin (DA)

AutoUnblock csf Pricing

AutoUnblock csf pricing options.

Only License

  • ✔ Professional technical support
  • ✔ Unlimited support tickets
  • ✔ Unlimited updates

Great price for a great software.

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License + Install

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  • ✔ Unlimited support tickets
  • ✔ Unlimited updates
  • Complete installation

Complete installation and configuration of the module include template modification.

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AutoUnblock csf Demos


Activity log

IP Actions Tool

IP Actions, Unblock

CSF Manager CP

CSF Manager DA

Admin Widget


AutoUnblock csf Change Log

change log from day one

Version 3.2.1
Release Date: 25/07/2015
- Bug fix - Invalid DA default port in v3.2.0
Version 3.2.0
Release Date: 19/07/2015
- Added Support for WHMCS v6 (Six Template)
- Added Support for Custom Port (WHMCS v6)
- Update template and css files
- Template editing instructions changes
Version 3.1.2
Release Date: 12/07/2015
- Fix for WHMCSv6 (needed only for pipe unblocking)
Version 3.1.1
Release Date: 22/01/2015
- Accumulates bugs fix
Version 3.1.0
Release Date: 13/11/2014
- Release Version
- New configuration option, to allow the admin to use the disabled servers
Version 3.0.3.beta
Release Date: 27/10/2014
- Accumulates bugs fix
Version 3.0.2.beta
Release Date: 02/10/2014
- Accumulates bugs fix
Version 3.0.1.beta
Release Date: 08/09/2014
- Minor Updates
Version 3.0.0.beta
Release Date: 31/08/2014
- CSF configuration editor
- DirectAdmin Login Keys support added
- New Feature, Get server information from product support
- New configuration option, connect by Hostname or IP address
- New language variables
- Template changes
- Security updates
- New design
Version 2.6.7 (Latest Version)
Release Date: 03/09/2013
- minor changes to match the csf v6.33 update
- Improved error handeling
Version 2.6.6
Release Date: 29/07/2013
- DA connect bug fix
- cPanel reseller connect bug fix
- Improved error handeling
Version 2.6.5
Release Date: 10/07/2013
- Add option to exclude servers
- Option to add comment for allow and deny ip
- Fix duplicated description line (Quick Deny)
- Multi languages admin side home page support
- New language variables
Version 2.6.4
Release Date: 30/06/2013
- Support for WHM/cPanel v11.38.1+
- Support custom DirectAdmin server provisioning modules
Version 2.6.3
Release Date: 30/06/2013
- New configuration option, email sent from. To prevent email to be marked as spam
- iptables log fixed to fit csf changes
- DA connect function improved
- Client side language determined by session (was taken from client profile in previous versions)
Version 2.6.2
Release Date: 05/05/2013
- New language variables for blocking messages
Version 2.6.1
Release Date: 13/03/2013
- fixes & Improved to the reseller functionality
Version 2.6.0
Release Date: 22/10/2012
- Support any custom cPanel server provisioning modules
Version 2.5.2
Release Date: 28/08/2012
- Bug fix - Login popup text empty when limit is enforced
- Minor code improvement
Version 2.5.1
Release Date: 21/07/2012
- Limit clients unblock
- Addon homepage selection
Version 2.5.0
Release Date: 28/06/2012
- DirectAdmin support added
- Some minor code improvement
Version 2.0.2
Release Date: 08/05/2012
- More functionality to the CSF Manager
- Update version message Integrated in the sidebar
- Minor changes to the language file
Version 2.0
Release Date: 23/04/2012
- One step unblock, simply by login to your portal
- Allow WHMCS Client Groups such as resellers to search and remove blocked IP addresses
- Log user actions
- Optional admin email alert for user actions
- Multi languages support
- Admin Widget
- CSF Manager
- IP Actions Tool
- Improved activity log
- Log backup manager
- Email piping as a solution for those who have the WHMCS and cPanel hosting accounts on the same server.
Version 1.1
Release Date: 06/11/2011
- Fix blank page and false redirect on unexpected error
- Support for cPanel access hash connection added
Version 1.0
Release Date: 28/10/2011
- Allow group search
- Unblock log
- Admin email alert
- Multi languages support

AutoUnblock csf Requirements

System requirements for your WHMCS server:

  • PHP 5.4+
  • ionCube loader

System requirements for your hosting server:

cPanel servers:
  • cPanel 11.40+ (We will provide limited support if any to EDGE version).
  • Root access - You can use either password or access hash.
  • Reseller access - functionality is limited to the permissions in the csf.resellers file.
DirectAdmin servers:
  • If the user is different than admin the password must be filled in the access hash textarea.

AutoUnblock csf Documentation

How to setup your AutoUnblock csf software?

Install, Update, Uninstall


1) Download the latest version

Download your copy from the costumer area and do not extract it on your local computer!

Upload the file to your WHMCS/modules/addons folder and extract the file.

2) Activate the module

Login to WHMCS, navigate to Setup >> Addon Modules and activate AutoUnblock csf.

Fill in your license key and save the changes.

To enable AutoUnblock csf on client side you need to edit the template.

* If your server PHP Handler configured as DSO you must also change the WHMCS/modules/addons/autounblockcsf/backups folder permissions to 777.


From version 1.x

1) Install AutoUnblock csf

If you want to import the log do not deactivate AutoUnblock version 1.x yet!

2) Import log

Navigate to Addons >> AutoUnblock csf, you will see the import log button on the main page.

After you click it, a message will let you know that it's safe to deactivate your old AutoUnblock version 1.x now.

3) Delete old files

  • WHMCS/modules/addons/autounblock
  • WHMCS/autounblock.php
  • WHMCS/templates/Your_template/autounblock.tpl

From version 2.x and up

Save costum changes

If you made changes to the template or language files you need to back them up before updating, otherwise you will lose the information!

Incremental Update

Uplode the zip file to the WHMCS/modules/addons/autounblockcsf folder and extract it.

Full Update

Uplode the zip file to the WHMCS/modules/addons folder and extract it.


Simply deactivate the module and undo the changes in the header.tpl file.

You can backup your log if you planing to reinstall the module again.

AutoUnblock csf Configuration

Addon Configuration

Navigate to Setup >> Addon Modules, you will see the following configuration option:

  • Email address: Here you fill in the email address that will recive the alerts.
  • Client unblock alert: Recive email alert each time your client is unblocking an ip address.
  • Admin action alert: Recive email alert each time admins is performing an action.
  • Whois service: Select your Whois service for extended ip information on the log page.
  • Allow search groups: To allow ip search box, you need to fill in the group numbers (comma separated). Client Groups documentation cane be found at: http://docs.whmcs.com/Client_Groups
  • Allow search all: If you want to allow the search box to all of your clients, select this option.
  • License Key: License Key can be obtain from your client area only. Please note that If you are planning to move your WHMCS System to a new location then you will need to get your license reissued.
  • Auto mode off: This will disable the automatic unblock on client login. If you set this option, make sure your client have some way to unblock them self.
  • Show unblock link: Add to the client menu the AutoUnblock csf link.
  • Allow pipe unblock: Allow email piping ip unblock. To use this option, the email must be sent from the client email and the subject should contain the ip address only! Also, you need to add an email forwarder to a program
  • Limit clients unblock: Determining the client waiting time (in seconds) before the removal can be made again with AutoUnblock.
  • Allow block search: If the above option is selected you can still allow block search without removal.
  • Addon Homepage: You can change the addon homepage (admin side) to your preferred page.
  • Connection Address: Use IP or Hostname for the address that Autounblock use to access to the server.
  • Allow disabled servers: Allow the admin to use the disabled servers.

Enable Pipe Unblock

Use this option only if your WHMCS and hosting control panel is on the same server.

Add an email forwarder to script on the same hosting account as your WHMCS installation is.


Path should be relative to your home directory.


The file permissions should be 0700


Use the full path


The file permissions should be 0755

Exclude specific servers from AutoUnblock csf

If you have servers without csf installation you can exclude them from working with AutoUnblock csf.

1) From the AutoUnblock csf module sidebar navigate to: Manage Servers >> Exclude specific servers from AutoUnblock csf

2) Uncheck the servers you want to exclude.

Custom Provisioning Modules

Add support to 3rd party cPanel and DirectAdmin provisioning modules.

1) Add at least one active server of the provisioning module you want to add support to.

2) From the AutoUnblock csf module sidebar navigate to: Manage Servers >> Custom provisioning modules support for cPanel and DirectAdmin servers

3) Select cPanel or DirectAdmin module type.

4) Check the custom provisioning module to enable it.

Product server information support

The server information will be taken from the client product information.

1) Select the product, server type and default secure connection (on/off).

2) Click the Enable button.

From the admin side, Navigate to: "Clients Profile >> Products/Services" for additional settings

1) Secure SSL: Check/Uncheck

2) cPanel Access Hash or DirectAdmin admin password:

cPanel Server: If the Access Hash field have value it will be used for the connection.

DirectAdmin Server: If the user is different from Admin you must enter the admin password in this field.

cPanel Resellers

If your WHMCS connecting to your cPanel server as reseller verify that you have the permissions to run csf on that server:

1) WHM reseller privileges

Navigate to Home >> Resellers >> Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges

Verify that the "ConfigServer Security & Firewall (Reseller UI)" checkbox is checked for this reseller.

2) Edit the csf.resellers file

Click on the "Edit Reseller Privs" button at the csf UI and use the example in the file.

Enable admins widget

To enable the admin widget simply navigate to Setup >> Administrator Roles >> Select Group Name

At this page you can enable the widget at the buttom of the page.

Multi languages support

You may add your own language files or edit the existing one.

The language files are locate in the module folder.

Please keep in mind that the english file is the default fallback language so dont delete it even if you add new language.

Template editing

The AutoUnblock csf template and css files are located in the module folder. Feel free to edit them to fit your design.

Open the header.tpl of your active template, you need to add the following lines in few sections of the file, depending on your WHMCS version.

* For WHMCS 6 template follow step 1 only!

* For WHMCS 5 template perform step 1 and 2!

1) Add the following line right after the <body> tag begin:

{include file='modules/addons/autounblockcsf/autounblockpopup.tpl'}			

2) Add the link to the menu, you may put it anywhere you want. In the example, we add the link to the support drop down navigation menu. Right after the <li><a href="knowledgebase.php">{$LANG.knowledgebasetitle}</a></li> (Make sure you add it inside the {if $loggedin} section...):

{if $autounblockmenu}
	<li><a href="{$urlautounblock}" title="{$autounblockmenu}">{$autounblockmenu}</a></li>

* Follow this step only if your WHMCS is lower than version 5!

Add the following lines just before the closing </head> tag:

{if $autounblock_loginmsg}
	<script src="{$systemurl}modules/addons/autounblockcsf/autounblockpopup.js"></script>
	<link href="{$systemurl}modules/addons/autounblockcsf/autounblockpopup.css" rel="stylesheet">

Still have questions?

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