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First release

โ€” 2012

Current Version

โ€” v1.0.1


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DB Backup Wizard Overview

DB Backup Wizard was created to allow you to restore a specific database table from a specific point time,

In a few clicks from WHMCS interface directly and without the need to restore the all database.

This tool was built with one thought in mind. Adding the option to go back in time to any point within pre-scheduled time range.

This is not a substitute for your backup system. This tool is designed to enable super-fast recovery of unwanted changes.

You could never be absolutely bulletproof against errors, but you can always be ready...

DB Backup Wizard Features List

Full features list

Easy installation Setup only once and the cron job will take care the rest.
DB Backup Wizard Manage your database backup by tables.
Restore tables from your backup.
View, download or delete backup files.
Scheduled DB Backup With the friendly ui you can determine the time of the backup and
backup retention times and set your backup range.
Backup Security The backup files are encrypted and can be used only in the system they were created in
Versions support WHMCS 5+
PHP 5.2.17 or higher
MySQL database

DB Backup Wizard Pricing

DB Backup Wizard pricing options.

Only License

  • ✔ Professional technical support
  • ✔ Unlimited support tickets
  • ✔ Unlimited updates

Great price for a great software.

$19.90 / OneTime

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License + Install

  • ✔ Professional technical support
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  • Complete installation

Complete installation and configuration.

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DB Backup Wizard Demos


5.1 sidebar menu

Backup Wizard

Restore DB table

Cron job settings

DB Backup Wizard Change Log

change log from day one

Version 1.0.1
Release Date: 12/07/2015
- Fix for WHMCSv6
Version 1.0.0
Release Date: 02/07/2012
- Stable release

DB Backup Wizard Requirements

Server requirements:

* WHMCS 5+
* PHP 5.2.17 or higher
* OpenSSL
* MySQL database

DB Backup Wizard Documentation

How to setup your WHMCS DB Backup Wizard

Install, Update, Uninstall


1) Download your copy from the costumer area and do not extract it on your local computer!

2) Upload the file to your WHMCS_ROOT_DIR/modules/addons folder and extract the file there.

3) In the module folder you will see a folder called "non-public" that contain the cron job file.

You need to move this file to any location outside of your WWW folder and delete this folder.

You cannot access to the cron file from the internet, it will work only from a non public folder.

4) Navigate to Setup >> Addon Modules and activate DB Backup Wizard.

5) Once you have activate your module, the DB Backup Wizard will be added to your addons menu.


Simply upload the latest version file to your WHMCS_ROOT_DIR/modules/addons folder and extract the file.


1) Delete the cron job.

2) Deactivate the module and delete the module folder in WHMCS_ROOT_DIR/modules/addons/dbbackupwizard.

Your backup folder will not be deleted once deactivating the module!


General Configuration

Navigate to Setup >> Addon Modules, you will see the following configuration option:

License Key:

License Key can be obtain from your client area only. Please note that If you are planning to move your WHMCS System to a new location then you will need to get your license reissued.

Cron job notifications:

Select which type of notifications you want to receive from the cron job actions.

(You must set the cron job on your server to send emails to recive those notifications)

Addon Configuration

Navigate to Addons >> DB Backup Wizard

Backup folder:

At the first time you are running this module you will have to setup your backup folder.

If your PHP handler is suPHP, the folder will be created for you.

For DSO PHP handler the backup folder need to be created manually!

To keep your backup private, create the backup folder in a non public folder.

Setup the Cron job:

On the Cron Job scheduler page (sidebar link), you will see the cron job command generator.

To create your cron job command fill in the path to the cron job folder and click continue.


The WHMCS DB Backup Wizard is convenient and easy to use tool, all the operations performed only with mouse clicks. You need to set it up only one time and just let it run...

Possible actions via the user interface are:

Scheduled backup tables cron job

Select how often you want to create backups for each table and how long to keep each copy. You can also choose one the pre-set plans.

View backup files

On restore, one step before the actual restore, you will be able to see the stored content of the file and decide if you want to continue with the process.

Download backup files

The backup files are encoded and compressed to protect you and save disk space, You can download the files only from the system which they were created. If you move your WHMCS to another server you will need to activate the DB Backup Wizard module with the same license Key.

Create backup files

On Manage Backups page, choose the table you want to backup from the select box and click the Create backup button.

Delete backup files

Click delete and confirm...