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— cPanel/WHM, Linux

First release

— 2011

Current Version

— v3.0.0


  • HTML / CSS / jQuery Design

  • PHP / Bash Shell

  • cPanel API


#cPanel, #Archive

Google Apps Wizard Overview

This tool was developed for web hosting companies, webmasters and website developers that have to setup
domains with Google Apps in the everyday work.
The purpose of Google Apps Wizard cPanel plugin is to facilitate the steps needed to work with Google Apps services.
cPanel end user doesn’t need to have any prior knowledge of DNS records management while working with this tool.

For more information about updates see the above change log, Enjoy!!!

Google Apps Wizard Features List

Full features list

Easy installation Install and update by simple command via SSH.
Easy operation Set or remove a domain to work with Google Apps with mouse click only.
Change MX records Automatically set the domain MX records to Google Apps mail servers.
Additional services Choice to select the additional services you want to configure with Google Apps such as: docs, contacts, sites, calendar.
WHM side Google records configuration.
Multi language Create new language files or edit the existing one.
cPanel version cPanel/WHM 11.38.1+.
cPanel with CloudLinux.
And we will keep updating the plugin to always support the latest cPanel release build.

Google Apps Wizard Downloads

Google Apps Wizard is not supported any more and transferred to a new project,
For more information go to: Remote MX Wizard

Total Downloads so far: 11619

Google Apps Wizard Demos


First View

Select Domain

Select Services

Google Apps Wizard Change Log

Change log from day one

Version 3.0.0
Release Date: 27/01/2014
- FIX Install,Uninstall,Update script
- Replace all API calls to cPanel live php
- New support for root and resellers in cPanel interface
- New configuration of Google Apps MX,CNAME,SPF records
- New clean design in cPanel and WHM interface
- Removing the option to set domain to work with Google Apps through WHM
Version 2.5.0
Release Date: 02/07/2013
- FIX Readd SPF Record support in cPane and WHM
- Add support for register app with whostmgr AppConfig
- Full support for cPanel version 11.38.1+
Version 2.0
Release Date: 01/06/2012
- Replace all interface to PHP
- Replace all API calls to cPanel xml-api
- Support for all cPanel custom design templates!!!
- FIX the PHP warning in WHM side
- Add the possibility to define a domain to Google Apps in WHM
- Full support for cPanel version 11.32.2+
- Remove the use in SPF records to avoid collision with the DKEY/SPF default.
Version 1.2
Release Date: 18/04/2012
- Replaced WHM management side to PHP.
- FIX counting correction defined domains with Google Apps.
- FIX icon to WHM plugins list.
Version 1.1
Release Date: 27/01/2012
- Add google SPF Record.
- Improved language include system.
- New and improved WHM interface.
- List all Google Apps defined domains.
Version 1.0
Release Date: 21/12/2011
- First release.

Google Apps Wizard Requirements

Server requirements:

  • cPanel/WHM server
  • Security Tokens = on "WHM >> Main >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings >> Security"

Google Apps Wizard Languages

Translated languages for Restore Manager 3.0+:

Please follow the documentation in the follow-up project: Remote MX Wizard

Our multilingual files are courtesy of the members listed above.
Share your translation file

Google Apps Wizard Documentation

Follow the documentation

Please follow the documentation in the follow-up project: Remote MX Wizard