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Add GK~root SSH Public Key

To add our ssh key to your cPanel server go to: Home » Security Center » Manage root’s SSH Keys, And click “Import Key” then paste the key in the text box and save. Now click on the “Manage Authorization” under the key line and add authorization.   GK~root ssh key (Last update 25/01/2018): ssh-rsa […]

Install mod_remoteip on cPanel to work with Incapsula

The reason you need to install mod_remoteip if you are working with Incapsula is because of all the traffic that comes to your website identified under the IP addresses of Incapsula network, What makes the website incoming statistics to be wrong. mod_remoteip was designed to replaces the original client IP address for the connection with […]

Secure your cPanel server

After the initial setup of cPanel server the server is not very secure and there are many things that can be done to secure your server. In this tutorial we will go over some steps that include few software installation and web server security settings modification. The collection of these easy steps is a results of […]

The best cPanel / WHM plugin list

Whenever you’re installing a new cPanel server, it is very irresponsible to run it just as it is. There is much work to do after the installation. The biggest part of the maintenance works and administrative tasks are being done by installing cPanel/WHM plugins to will help in completing these tasks better and faster. As […]