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How to restore deleted files in cPanel

This feature is only available to those who erased the files using cPanel file manager.

Many people are not aware that by pressing the Delete and then Trash File that the file is actually saved in the .trash folder and not deleted from your account.

So how to manage stored files in the trash?

First, open the file manager:


Now load the .trash folder:

In the list of files you will see everything that sent into the trash.

If a file is deleted more than once you can see the versions and choose which one to restore.

To restore the file click the right mouse button and on the menu bar that open you will be able to choose Restore:

You will be asked a question:

Are you sure you wish to restore the following files to their original locations?

Click on Restore File And finished to restore the deleted file.

It is also possible to empty the trash folder by clicking Empty Trash button:

Even if we saved only one minute in your working day by performing this operation right, we have done our part.